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I am a British ex-pat who has lived in South Africa for nearly as long as in England.  I have exchanged squirrels in the garden for monkeys; the caw of crows with the terrified-seeming cry of the hadeda ibis. 

I swelter under a hot summer sun, rather than shiver in the freezing rain.

Here you'll find all things relating to me, Anna Jensen, as an author and speaker...

'Write what you see in a book...'

Revelation 1:11 ESV

Latest Books...


The Outskirts of His Glory

Join Anna Jensen and her family as they travel to seek out and experience the odd and unexpected of God’s creation.


Poetry and Prayer

My poetry will always begin and end with Jesus. He is the master craftsman, the great author, The Word. In this way, each poem is indeed a prayer; of thanksgiving, of worship, of truth whispered in innermost parts. 


Twenty Years an Expat

Read about Anna's experiences as she left her native land, and learnt to embrace the different and the new as she settled in South Africa. At times funny, at others poignant, the one constant is God's love and purpose for Anna in all she experiences.


Captivated by the Creator

Spend time in the presence of God with this beautifully designed journal. Filled with inspirational stories and poems by Anna Jensen and accompanied by artwork from designer Chantel Cromer-Wilson.

Grab your colouring pens and wait for the Holy Spirit to speak. 

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