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I am a British ex-pat who has lived in South Africa for nearly as long as in England.  I have exchanged squirrels in the garden for monkeys; the caw of crows with the terrified-seeming cry of the hadeda ibis. 

I swelter under a hot summer sun, rather than shiver in the freezing rain.

Here you'll find all things relating to me, Anna Jensen, as an author and speaker...

'Write what you see in a book...'

Revelation 1:11 ESV

Latest Books...

Since publishing 'The Outskirts of His Glory' in May 2019, I have continued creating and writing. There's an inspirational '14 Days of Devotions' series, featuring more reflections and poems in a similar style to 'Outskirts'. 
My first novel. Given Lives, was released in August 2021. This tells the poignant and timely story of the village of Eyam in Derbyshire in the north of England which was forever impacted by the 1665-6 Black Death plague.
A Candle for Christmas is a holiday story inspired by the four candles of advent.
Twenty Years an Expat is a lighthearted look at my early experiences of living here in South Africa,
All my books are available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions. Just click on the book title and you'll be whisked over to your preferred Amazon store. Or, if you live in South Africa and prefer paperbacks to ebooks, contact me directly. 

The 14 Days of Devotions series

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14 days of reflections and poems from seven gardens in Africa

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14 days of stories and poems from seven journeys in Africa

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14 days of choosing thanks

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14 reflections from a year of change

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A village. A plague. An extraordinary love.


Plague ravages the English capital, London.

Thousands are left dead.

In the Derbyshire village of Eyam, 160 miles north of the London tragedies, Kitty Allenby is settling into country life. Encouraged by her Aunt Anne and Uncle Robert, she is excited for the year ahead.

That is until a stranger arrives from London, bringing a parcel of cloth for the local tailor – cloth infested with plague-carrying fleas.

Within weeks, Eyam is under siege.

By spring 1666, drastic action is needed to contain the spread of disease. What can be done?

The Reverend William Mompesson thinks he knows. For his plan to succeed, Mompesson will need the co-operation of the whole community, including his predecessor and rival, Thomas Stanley.

Will the two men be able to put aside the deep mistrust of one another for the sake of the people they are called to serve? How will the doomed villagers respond?

And what of Kitty? Can she learn to love a community not her own, perhaps paying the ultimate price alongside strangers she barely knows?

Based on true events, Given Lives is a story of bravery and sacrifice, of love that laid itself down for the sake of others. It is a whisper through time to each of us confronted by a modern plague, the global Covid 19 pandemic. Will we attune our ears and listen?

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Four candles. Four stories. One Christmas Day

Inspirational books

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Tales of Settling In

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Surprising places in God's creation that reveal who he is

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