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The Ripples Through Time...

Ripples Through Time is a series of novels telling stories of the past and showing how they inspire our present. Stories of how God takes the ordinary and transforms it into something extraordinary. The smallest of stones, tossed into smooth water, will create waves; concentric circles spreading outward to reach beyond the immediate or seen. So too, the seemingly insignificant actions of today can leave ripples that are felt into eternity.

There is the village of Eyam and her inhabitants’ love and sacrifice which saved a generation, the Bletchley Park codebreakers’ dedication to fight a war far from public praise, the adventure and ingenuity of diamond hunters settling in the impermanence of the Namibian desert, and the discovery of a 2000-year-old fishing vessel believed to date to the time of Jesus and his disciples. Campaigns and conflicts, castles and cottages – tales to uncover and histories to unfold.

These are the pebbles and the ripples they leave.

The Ripples Through Time series is dedicated to my personal mentor, author Marion Ueckermann, who sadly passed away on 25 June 2021. She included a devotion entitled Reflections in Pebbles in the multi-author boxed set, In All Things (a set which I also contributed to). I would like to leave you with this quote from Marion: ‘God has chosen you to be His pebble in the sea of humanity. What ripples of hope could emit from the splashes of your life? What giants could tumble from the impact of one small stone, one random act of kindness?’


May you, like Marion, become a pebble in the hand of God, leaving ripples in the world as you pass.

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Used Books

The Ripples Through Time Books

Given Lives

Given Lives is a story of bravery and sacrifice, of love laid down for the sake of others. It is a whisper through time to each of us confronted by a modern plague, the global Covid 19 pandemic. Will we attune our ears and listen?

Secret Lives

Can you keep a secret?

This was the question asked of the young women recruited to Churchill's Special Operations Executive - the 'Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare' - where they worked as radio operators and cryptanalysts responsible for receiving and deciphering communications from Allied agents operating in Occupied Europe. 

The answer was yes - for the rest of their lives.

The Ripples Through Time Blog

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