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Outskirts - The Music...

As 'The Outskirts of His Glory' developed, I began to have an idea that it should become more than words on pages, that other media and art could also be used to further express and enhance the concepts I was writing about.  With this in mind, I contacted an old friend of mine from our Cambridge days who had studied music for her degree.  I asked Honor if she thought she could write a piece of music that could be used together with the book.  I sent her a copy, saying that if anything came to mind, maybe we could work on it together.

A little while later, she got back to me with an idea for a piece of piano music, and sent me a rough recording.  I thought it was excellent.  But Honor wasn't happy!  A few days later, she messaged again to say she'd been woken up at 3.00 that morning, with notes swirling in her head and images of the ocean and waves and birds.  She could hear piano, violin and voice all mingled together to make a sound of pure joy.  She decided to get up, and take another look at the book I'd sent her, and see if there was anything which could tie in with what she was thinking.

She skimmed through and found the chapter entitled 'Joy', with the poem 'Full' - describing in words almost exactly what she was hearing in music!  

So started an adventure which has culminated here, in this piece of music.  

Find a quiet place, close your eyes, be still and listen.  Be transported by 'Joy' 

Music With Images

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Honor Claire Parkinson

If you'd like to reach Honor to find out more about her, or to commission some work, use her Facebook link below.

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Ben Winwood

This track was masterfully engineered by Ben Winwood.  Click on the pics to visit his website.

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