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Christmas is fast approaching. The congregation of St Saviours is caught up with Christmas preparations and parties — not least amongst them their vicar, Richard.

The service of Nine Lessons and Carols has been months in the planning. Everything is in place for the evening to be the highlight of this year’s church calendar. Until Richard receives a telephone call; his soloist has a sore throat. Can The Service still go ahead? Will Richard seek to find his own solution? Or will God have His way?

Marjorie is baking up a storm; containers full of every Christmas treat occupying all available space. When a Christmas card from afar arrives with unwelcome news — and a gift — Marj is forced to reassess the life she has chosen. Is she where she should be or has her focus on family and church been misdirected?

Ellen, studying and involving herself in the local community, is experiencing dreams of Africa. What do they mean? And does an email she receives have anything to do with them?

Tamara has made her peace with the single life she now leads. But is there more? Are a young girl, a homeless woman, and a Christmas party the key to her happiness?

Joelle has a new home, with a comfortable bed and two cooked meals a day. She also has a family — the family of St Saviours. Can she help Ellen decipher her dreams and discover her heart? Or show Tamara that they are more alike than she may think?

Christmas at St Saviours. Nine lessons; one story.

The Nine Readings of Christmas

  • The seasons of the church calendar are important to Richard, vicar of St Saviours, a thriving church community in the heart of London. Christmas, Easter, Advent and Lent — all have a special place in the Reverend's heart and actions.

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