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14 days of stories and poems from seven journeys in Africa


Take a journey off the beaten track, and enjoy the drama of the road less travelled, as Anna Jensen takes on seven journeys of adventure and discovery through South Africa and beyond.

Take the warned-against route from Harare to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, or discover the twists and turns of a mountain pass into Lesotho. Stumble through the sand of a Namibian desert or feel the adrenalin rush of being charged by a rhino or threatened by an elephant.


In this collection of 14 daily devotions, Anna reflects on the whispers of God heard when driving off-road. Through stories and Scripture readings, poetry and prayer, find the joy of choosing 'Rugged Roads'

Rugged Roads

  • 14 Days of Devotions
    Each book in this series of daily devotions features two weeks of reflections and original poetry from Anna Jensen. Every day's entry highlights a verse of Scripture and concludes with a prayer. An ideal collection of books for those seeking to slow down and contemplate more of God and His ways on a daily basis.

  • Copies of Rugged Roads are available in paperback and Kindle ebook from your favourite Amazon store. Click here to purchase.

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