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The vicar of St Saviour’s is preparing for Christmas. Four Sundays, four services, four advent candles to light.


Richard loves Christmas. And he loves the ritual of the advent candles. Only this year is different. Memories and regrets threaten to spoil his favourite season.


Joelle is tired. Tired of the streets; tired of the weather. Tired of being unseen. Could the preparations for Christmas at St Saviour’s herald a new beginning?


Tamara knows this Christmas is going to be different. She’s been planning for weeks. But will it be in the way she expects or is there a surprise in store?


Ellen realises her new-found freedom isn’t as wonderful as she expected it to be. Can she retrace her steps and find restoration? Or is it too late?


Christmas Day. Richard ignites the final candle…

A Candle for Christmas

  • The seasons of the church calendar are important to Richard, vicar of St Saviours, a thriving church community in the heart of London. Christmas, Easter, Advent and Lent — all have a special place in the Reverend's heart and actions.

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