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14 days of choosing thanks


In November 2020, Anna Jensen embarked on her first 'gratitude challenge', a series of social media posts giving thanks on a daily basis.


Anna found herself being grateful for the serious and the silly, and everything in between (on one of the days, she was thankful for shoe shops, after her son climbed into the car from school with a ‘flapping sole’, which needed an urgent remedy).


This book of 14 days of devotions is the pick of Anna's month of gratitude, shared with you in the hope that you will see the delight in the daily and the mundane. There really is so much to be thankful for.


In this collection of 14 daily devotions, Anna reflects on those early months of the pandemic, articulating her thoughts through poems and prayerful reflections.

A Gratitude Challenge

  • 14 Days of Devotions
    Each book in this series of daily devotions features two weeks of reflections and original poetry from Anna Jensen. Every day's entry highlights a verse of Scripture and concludes with a prayer. An ideal collection of books for those seeking to slow down and contemplate more of God and His ways on a daily basis.

  • Copies of A Gratitude Challenge are available in paperback and Kindle ebook from your favourite Amazon store. Click here to purchase.

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