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The God-given gift

I don’t know about you, but finding out what I love to do took me a while. Many people have natural talents, like singing or running. For me, it was well hidden. Coming from an abusive past, my only goal in life was to escape my dad and be free of him. But unfortunately, I took him with me everywhere I went. Not physically, but in my mind and self-talk. Regrettably, the mark he left on me left me scarred and damaged.

Finding Jesus and the truth over time changed everything, and I mean everything. I am no longer the abused woman, no sir; I am now a daughter of the King. And I’m here to shout it from the rooftops!

No one was more surprised than me to find that God wanted me to write. I thought it was a rogue thought. Until the thought persisted, I said, “Lord, is that you?” He confirmed it was and gave me the title of my book and all the details. My instructions were to openly disclose my transformative healing journey to the world. God expressed his children were suffering and wounded, and my book on how my journey to recovery could aid in their healing.

What an honor to be part of something God needs to do. It took me a while to wrap my little mind around that thought. Me, who am I to write a book? I have since written five, with the sixth one about to be published.

My Testimony–My Journey To Enjoying My Life has blessed and encouraged many people. And I am so grateful to have been a part of sharing Jesus’ healing with others.

Oh, and did I tell you I love what I do? My talent was hidden deep inside me. Who knew? Only my heavenly Father. I can’t believe I love to write. It comes so easily for me. Give me a subject, and away I go.

My gift has opened many opportunities for me where I have been able to share the love of God.

So, never underestimate your gift. Yes, you have one. Everyone does. How do I know, because my God doesn’t make junk? He invests in making people beautiful. And thank God I am one of them.

Your gift will be so natural to you that you do it automatically. It’s so second nature to you. But once you tap into it, your world will come alive, and you will love what you do. Loving life is what Jesus came to give us. He wants you to enjoy each moment of every day.

Not sure where to find your place. Simply ask God, and he will show you the way. You, too, can join us and say #lovewhatido!

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Hi Karin, I love that you discovered your God-given talent and used your pain to bless others through your books. What a lovely surprise God had in store for you!


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