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Our House on Sycamore Street. 
A multi-author, multi-genre series

Welcome to the home page for the "Our House on Sycamore Street" multi-author, multi-genre series, hosted by Anna Jensen and Dianne J Wilson. Here's where you'll find everything you need to know about the series, as well as the latest news on our progress together.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to read the background to the series.

1. The Map

Dianne has created this INCREDIBLE map of Sycamore Street and the village of Eden Cove. Take a moment to appreciate it...

Don't know the song we're talking about? Heard of it, but want to refresh your memory? Enjoy a blast from the past with this video!

1. The Genres

We've also gone through the genres you chose for your story. Several chose more than one, so we've 'assigned' one to you. But please, if your heart is telling you a different story, feel free to change! Or, if you're keen to occupy more than one address, we'd love that too. Check your genre here

​2. Your House

Next, we've created a form for you to pick your address and tell us about your characters and some of the main features of your story. We'd love to include hidden treasures or bits of information from your story into others. Just to excite the readers to buy the whole series. Choose your address here

3. The Eden Cove World

We want you to have some fun with us as we develop the Eden Cove world. So we've created another spreadsheet where you can let your creative imagination run wild and tell us who's who in the village. Who runs the local shop? What does the vicar's wife do in her spare time? Add details to the Eden Cove world here

Our House - The Background

It’s said that the tree of life in the garden of Eden was a Sycamore. In the Gospels, Zacchaeus climbs a Sycamore tree to get a better view of Jesus. Once he’d laid eyes on Him, his life was transformed! The symbolism of the Sycamore in our stories is all about our readers seeing Jesus, being made alive in Him and transforming into everything He created them to be.

So what's it all about?

Our House on Sycamore Street is inspired by the symbolism of the sycamore tree - and the Madness song "Our House in the Middle of our Street." Do you know it?!


Sycamore Street is located in the fictional coastal village of Eden Cove on the south coast of England, close to London and the ferry ports to Europe. In the centre of the curved street, a sycamore grows in a small park with a duck pond, casting its shade and protection over each of the residents.

Sycamore Street boasts twelve houses. Behind each door, different stories of salvation and redemption play out. Will yours be romance, a cosy mystery, a piece of history or something funny? Will it be set in the past … something historical, contemporary or set in the future? It's your choice! 

We're developing a 'world' for Eden Cove so you can refer to the same places, landmarks and key central characters, like the vicar or the shopkeeper. We'll share a map and create a spreadsheet for you to record relevant information from your 'house', which others can incorporate into their stories. 

A few key points:

  • Each novella will be released on a weekly basis, on a Friday, with the full series published by Friday 25 October 2024. All authors will host a Facebook party on the weekend of 3-4 November 2024 to celebrate the launch of the full series.

  • Each novella should be between 30-50k words. Authors to arrange your own editing.

  • We have a designer appointed to do all the covers. She'll create both an ebook and paperback cover so both options are available for publishing.

  • Cost of cover design, plus extra for prizes at the Facebook party, is $100, paid into a Paypal account.

  • Authors register their own ISBNs and upload books to their KDP account. You retain full copyright of your work.

  • We intend to run a scavenger hunt/round robin blog tour to encourage readership of the full series, not only those books by a reader's favourite author.

  • Authors to commit to advertising both their book and the full series across whatever platforms are preferred, e.g. BookBub, Fussy Librarian, social media, website etc

  • A project timeline will be created early in the new year to help with planning

Keen to join the fun? Sign up using the form below and we'll be in touch!

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