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“I was inspired to write ‘The Outskirts of His Glory’ following a family visit to Zimbabwe.  We were based in Harare but were able to experience just a small part of this beautiful country as we made our way to Victoria Falls.  Rarely have I been so moved by a landscape, or so challenged by a people as I have been by Zimbabwe.  As such, I’m delighted to be able to give just a little in return through this fundraising initiative with the Mike Campbell Foundation. 


Extract from ‘Outskirts’ from the chapter ‘His Voice’

Our visit to Zimbabwe would have felt somewhat incomplete without a trip to Victoria Falls.  The only downside was that we were based in Harare, with family, whereas we needed to be the other side of the country, a drive of about 800km.  Undeterred, we climbed into our trusty 4x4 and set off, with strict injunctions to stay on the main road ringing in our ears.

We managed to obey for the first 100km or so.  But the roadworks, trucks and other delays were getting us down, and there, just a little way ahead, was the right-turn that would take us on the shorter, quicker, strictly-warned-against alternative route. Of course, we turned right.



Christian devotional drawing inspiration from Anna's travels around Southern Africa and beyond. Travelogue style stories are supplemented by poems reflecting on how God has spoken through these journeys and adventures.  A Bible verse and suggested prayer completes each section.

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