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"I was inspired to write 'The Outskirts of His Glory' following a family visit to Zimbabwe, during which time we took a trip to Victoria Falls.  Here, I discovered something of what John must have meant when he described the voice of the resurrected Jesus as 'the sound of rushing waters' (Revelation 1:15).

Since then, I have become increasingly 'captivated by the Creator' and delighted at the many ways He whispers to us through what we see around us each day.  And surely, the people we meet daily are His ultimate masterpiece.  As such, I’m delighted to be able to give just a little to His  precious sons and daughters through this fundraising initiative with Ridge Haven. 


Extract from ‘Outskirts’ from the chapter ‘Because you’re ‘Gorge-eous’

And I got to thinking.  In all God’s creating fervour at the start of time, it was only on the completion of Adam and Eve that He declared ‘It is very good’- up until then, everything had been denoted ‘good’.  Humans, you and I, are made exclusively and wonderfully in the image of God Himself; we are unique, we are priceless, we are ‘very good’.  And even when we have messed up, excluding ourselves from the very thing we were meant for – friendship with this Creator God – He still said, ‘It is very good’ and provided us with a way back into relationship, through Jesus. 



Christian devotional drawing inspiration from Anna's travels around Southern Africa and beyond. Travelogue style stories are supplemented by poems reflecting on how God has spoken through these journeys and adventures.  A Bible verse and suggested prayer completes each section.

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